You can use our free video promotion template. In order to give as much tried-and-true knowledge as possible, this lesson represents our best efforts. All of the techniques discussed here have been put to the test on many projects and have been scientifically proven. Here are our top suggestions for free YouTube music video promotion.

Video Rating Elements

There is a wealth of information about promoting on forums and blogs YouTube music video promotion. They enumerate dozens of variables that affect the top choice. However, the majority of these markers have a negligible impact, thus it would be difficult to obtain a substantial outcome by simply following this advise. Over 100 videos were examined, and the elements that significantly affect video ratings were identified. You'll learn how to market a YouTube channel for free if you take things into consideration.

The most important factors are

Retaining the audience: If your video is lengthy (10 minutes or more) and has a high level of recall, it will be considerably simpler to make the top ranking.

Header and description optimization:  Keys ought to be incorporated into the header and the first few words of the description (see below for details). The description must be as detailed as possible and undoubtedly original.

Amount of views: Videos that have received a lot of views cannot simply be ignored by YouTube. They also feature a unique "number of views" filter. It's crucial to remember that fake views won't help you. The results of buying bot views might not be favourable.

Additional factors

  • Number of likes and dislikes. the proportion of overall likes to overall dislikes as well as the number of views. It was formerly a highly potent factor, but today, scam boosting it is quite affordable. Currently, YouTube only takes into account "natural" likes, or those that originate from viewers who have left comments on the video or otherwise proven their reliability.
  • subscribers who either subscribed during or after watching the video. This element is taken into consideration, but only if the subscriber engaged with the content.
  • Adding to favourite lists and sharing. These elements are also simple targets for fraud, therefore they will only produce results if there is social media engagement following the sharing. In other words, it's fraudulent viewing if a video received 100 tweets but didn't result in any visitors. A positive dynamic for YouTube would be 100 tweets that were retweeted and brought in new users.
  • embedding videos on well-known websites A video receiving views from external websites, such as those with video plugins, is unquestionably a good indication for YouTube. The same is true of outside references from well-known websites.

File name This element doesn't seem to be very important to me. However, adding a keyword to the video title won't in any way worsen the situation.

Essentials of Video Promotion

Audience satiety

Let's start with the topic that gets brought up the most in blogs and conferences. Retention of the audience is measured as a percentage. It shows how many people stuck with your video all the way to the conclusion. The video is more engaging the greater the percentage. If a video is bad, I doubt you'll watch the entire ten minutes. On the other hand, you'll definitely see a good one through to the conclusion.

Is your video going to be long or short?

It's common knowledge that videos should be kept brief in order to maintain viewer interest. It makes sense because a chair review lasting 30 seconds will attract more viewers than a review lasting 10 minutes. But is this the most suitable video format for YouTube in general? Let's attempt an analysis of the videos from YouTube's perspective. It generates income via advertising.A 2-minute video that 80% of viewers watch through to the finish or a 30-minute video that only 50% of viewers will watch through to the end is therefore more profitable for YouTube. Of course, a 30-minute video is ideal because people will stay on the site longer.


Make lengthier videos without fear. The amount of time a visitor stays on the website after seeing the video may wind up being more significant than the average audience retention rate.