In this post, you'll learn how to grow your YouTube subscriber base in 2022 for . I used the identical strategies to get from having no subscribers to having 451,000. I'll walk you through my procedure today like I do for my Google Play subscribers for  YouTube music promo. and how you might do likewise.

1. Write a tagline for your channel

Early on, I paid no attention to where my channel was being positioned. And it was a major contributing factor to my difficulties. My monthly views and overall subscriber count greatly increased once I began to carefully promote my channel. Fortunately, positioning and branding your channel don't require an MBA. Actually, all you have to do is come up with a catchy phrase.

You're OK to go as long as it stands out from the other channels in your specialized market.

However, if my tagline said "I teach marketing methods" or "I help you expand your business for ," I would sound like any of the other tens of thousands of YouTube channels for YouTube music promo.

So I made the decision to concentrate on the ONE subject that my channel covers:

more traffic and better ranks.

Second, make sure your channel art includes that phrase in large font.

Try "Hearting" Comments, please. Using Creator Hearts, it's simple to draw attention to stellar remarks from your neighborhood:

And based on data provided by YouTube: According to our research, viewers who receive a heart on their comment are three times more likely to click the notification (compared with other sorts of alerts), which could bring in additional views for your channel to real YouTube views. That's accurate Clicks on heart notifications are 300% higher than usual. Therefore, if someone makes a good comment, attach a heart to them.

Brian hedging a remark. This will encourage them to watch your video again, as you just saw. and increase their likelihood of subscribing for real YouTube views.

 2.Try"Hearting" Comments, number

Highlighting fantastic remarks from your community is simple using Creator Hearts:

Creator heart of Backlinko

The intriguing portion will now come...

A notification (and occasionally even an email) is sent to the person whose comment you liked:

Email notice for the creator's heart

In addition, YouTube's own statistics show:

"We've discovered that viewers who have received a heart on their comment are three times more likely to click on the notification (compared with other sorts of notifications), potentially bringing more viewers back to your channel."

3.Create a channel trailer 

You are undoubtedly well aware of the benefits of a YouTube channel trailer.

Here are 3 strategies for creating a successful channel trailer:

Start off by stating your tagline.

Keep it to 60 seconds (or less)

Shorter trailers convert better, according to YouTube:

Shorter trailers convert better. The reason my trailer is only a minute long is because:

The trailer for Backlinko lasts almost one minute. Display your best work. A fantastic opportunity to showcase your best content is in your trailer. Because of this, your trailer should contain a 20–30 second highlight reel in the middle.

For instance, there are TONS of snippets from my other videos in my trailer. This makes it easy for people to understand the kind of information I write.

4. Increase Watch Time

Yes, Watch Time plays a significant role in YouTube SEO ranking.

not just for SEO on YouTube.

Videos with a lot of watch time are frequently pushed And in the sidebar for suggested videos:

YouTube claims that as a result:

The more time people spend watching your content on YouTube, the more exposure it may receive.

The question is:

How can I make the most of my watch time?

Utilize many Pattern Interrupts.

A pattern interrupt, or PI


an occurrence that modifies someone's cognitive processes.

Your videos become more lively with Pattern Interrupts...

It continues to get attention.

Because of this, I employ a ton of Pattern Interrupts in each video.

Including images:

swerve cuts:

furthermore, cheesy jokes


There is no requirement for sophisticated or difficult Pattern Interrupts.

For instance, have a look at this video by Saniya Niggard:

To keep things interesting, Safiya employs a tone of quite simple Pattern Interrupts (such as camera angle adjustments and basic graphics).

5. Embed YouTube Videos In Blog Posts Safiya pattern 


There is a MASSIVE untapped audience and subscriber base for your blog.


Well, if someone is reading your text, they obviously enjoy it. this indicates that they are ready to subscribe. I include several videos in my blog entries because of this.

Sometimes an entire process or tip is covered in a video: However, I also use videos so readers may learn more about a topic from the post:

embed videos to provide more details In either case, these embeds increase the audience for my videos not just random individuals. People who are very likely to subscribe to my channel are seeing my video content.

6. Conclude videos with a compelling CTA

When a viewer views your video all the way through, they consider:

What comes next?

And if you don't give them anything to do, they'll switch to another video on a different channel.

What is the remedy? Encourage them to join your channel.

Additionally, don't be scared to direct others precisely.

Here's how I, for instance, end each of my videos:

final captioning for a video. I actually advise folks to hit the subscribe button at the bottom of the video.

In this approach, there is no need for speculation or mental effort.

And one of the main reasons so many people subscribe right away after seeing one of my videos is because of this. As a result of seeing Brian's videos, people subscribe.

7.Promotion of Your Channel

The following time you produce a blog entry, podcast episode, or Instagram Story, consider the following:

"How do I get more people to follow my channel from this content?"

As an illustration, I always put a link to my channel in the lead magnet:

I even talk about my channel on podcasts. In podcast conversations, Brian promotes the Backlinko YouTube channel. 

8. Optimize Your Channel Page

There are two possible outcomes when someone visits your channel page:

They immediately depart.

More people view your videos, and they subscribe.

And I can say from personal experience that an optimized channel page will result in a 2–5 fold increase in subscribers. For instance, my channel used to appear uninteresting and amateurish: Unprofessional old Backlinko YouTube channel

It goes without saying that very few visitors to my page chose to subscribe.

At that point, I made the decision to invest some time and energy in my channel page.

In particular, I paid a professional designer to create some fresh Channel Art:

Additionally, I arranged my videos so that the highest-quality content was at the top:

On the channel page are playlists

After that:

Your Channel Page cannot be organized in a "perfect" manner.

But here's a model that I've noticed several popular YouTubers using:

Playlists are available on the channel page.

There is no such thing as a "perfect" way to organize your channel page. But here's a design that I've seen used by several well-known YouTubers.